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Apr 30 2018

Automotive Marketing – Automotive Marketing Research and Data from Experian

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Identify and Target Consumers

Know where they are and what they want

We offer highly targeted prospecting products and services to maximize the effectiveness of your automotive marketing efforts. Understanding who is in the market to buy a vehicle, what vehicle they will likely purchase and if they are financially able to make the purchase is insights we can bring to your business.

State-of-the-art predictive prospecting system

Make your automotive marketing campaigns more effective with a smarter way to target prospects. Get insights into a new universe of profitable prospects. Increase marketing response rates and boost revenues from your promotions.
Get results by:

Targeting audience based on most likely to buy

Have the highest probability to purchase in the next six month

Determine the purchase likelihood of new or used vehicle

Measure campaign effectiveness

Tie purchases rates back to your automotive marketing efforts. Whether you are a dealer or lender our Auto Response Analysis sm provides you with an aggregate view of the performance of your prospecting campaigns. Get important insights into the following:

Identify if your marketing lists are working

Learn if a vehicle purchase was made and by which make and model

What dealers sold the vehicle

Which Lender funded the loan

Understand loyalty and migration of customers

Our auto loyalty methodology is flexible, allowing the parameters of the study to be set to meet your specific needs.

    • Indentify factors that can predict retention and defection in your customer
    • Determine the characteristics of your best ups-sell/cross-customers
    • Receive ongoing measurement of your strategic loyalty initiatives

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Download Our Loyalty Whitepaper

Customer loyalty, while always important, is mission-critical in a competitive automotive market. While customer satisfaction surveys commonly are utilized in attempts to measure loyalty in the automotive industry, they do not account for the profound difference between customer-reported intentions and their actual behavior.

This white paper is intended to explain a new and more accurate approach to defining and measuring loyalty for the automotive industry.

Targeted Automotive Marketing Lists

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