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Jul 4 2018


Bammel TV: The Name You Can Trust!

Television, Stereo Appliance Repair

Service in Houston, TX Since 1976


W elcome to the new Home Page of Bammel TV Technology Services! As the leading electronics and appliance service center in Texas, we know we have a great responsibility to maintain the highest standards of quality, reliability and value, to ourselves and to our customers. There s a reason we re Number One in Texas: it s about trust, and a reputation for integrity, reliability and advanced competence. We don t do fake fixes or charge for services not performed, and if anyone can fix it—it s us! Our tens-of-thousands of satisfied customers will attest that when you need service—Call the Professionals—Call Bammel TV!

You will find some of the many things we do at our Services Page. Our primary business is repair service. We fix things! LED TV repair; DLP TV repair; HD TV repair We do repair to your home TV ( in home TV repair)— or, you can carry it in to our service center, to economize and save money.

Other Services We Offer

But we re much more than just a TV repair shop! In addition to TV repair, we repair LCD and DLP projectors; home theater audio and surround-sound audio, including multi-channel surround sound receivers; mono block amplifiers and digital-to-analog convertors; vintage stereos, including turntables, cassette decks, and reel-to-reel tape decks, along with boomboxes, Walkman units, CD players, multi-disc CD players, and CD recorders; pro audio, including digital pianos and synthesizers, mixers, loudspeakers, subwoofers, karaoke systems, DJ turntables and mixers, compact powered mixers, wireless microphones and mic systems, and of course guitar and bass amps; camcorders; Blu-ray and DVD players, as well as vintage classic VCR s (including Betamax!); refrigerators, washers and dryers; and more. We believe we are about the most diversified repair service center in the USA.

At our Knowledge Base, the Bam-Blog. we’ll be posting articles, how-to videos, gear reviews, industry updates, free technical and advisory White Papers, and more. For direct entry to our Repair Department for the category you need, click or tap on the appropriate image above and you will be directed to Repair Options and our Knowledge Base for your product. If you’re unsure where to go or your product isn’t shown, try the search bar at the Bam-Blog—we can fix almost anything!

And now, we offer a gateway entrance and turnkey solution into the amazing world of home automation, through our Smart Home Houston group. Click on the link to get an introduction to the astonishing and intelligent assistance available to the modern homeowner. As part of our commitment to offering the very highest levels of technical expertise and excellence, we now perform Nest Pro installation—see our Smart Home Houston page for more details and information.

Find out more about why you should choose Bammel TV, for your repair and smart home needs, by checking out the video above, and by grabbing our free White Paper download. For more information about our company visit the About Us page.

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