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Aug 31 2017

Best Shoes for Flat Feet #running #with #flat #feet


Best Shoes for Flat Feet

How Wearing a Proper Footwear can Help Alleviate Your Flat Feet Problems

If you’ve never bought a pair of shoes or orthotic devices for your flat feet before, it can be a little overwhelming.The real problem behind this is that flat feet need a bit more support than their arched counterparts. How flat is my flat feet? What arch size do I need? And a lot more questions.

The arch of the foot actually helps posture and puts the weight of your movement on the balls and heels of your foot. This weight distribution puts the stress on the parts of your foot that are meant to support it.

With flat feet, although the weight that comes with your every step is still distributed throughout the whole foot, the stress on your hip joint is different and can lead to different symptoms after repeated “unusual” wear and tear.

So what’s the #1 characteristic of the best shoes for flat feet?

The best shoes for flat feet will have good arch support, as well as orthotic device inserts

Aching feet and over pronation are a few of the common problems that fellow flat footers face (say that 10 times fast!).

As mentioned previously, the weight distribution across the entire foot is what would cause the aching foot and can often be relieved by wearing shoes that have the proper arch support and are fitted properly. If you can imagine for a second that flat feet have the entire foot touching the ground, whereas the arched counterparts actually only have a section of their foot on the ground.

It is for this reason arched shoes are a bit narrower, and if you’ve been walking in them, your feet may feel cramped or ache after long periods of use. You may need to wear shoes that are wider than normal to alleviate some of these aches.

Over pronation is a common problem while walking or running, where the foot tends to roll inwards upon every step and can put a lot of unnecessary stress on your knees and back. If you’ve faced problems with your knees or hips hurting after running, it may be because you over pronate your gait (the way you walk/run). In cases like this, choosing the best shoes for overpronation correction can drastically help. You may also benefit from using an orthotic that is specially fitted and made to your feet by a podiatrist.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

I hear all the time that it’s so difficult to run with flat feet and that no shoes fit properly, which is a convenient way of getting out of running. If you’re looking to make a change in your life, you need to find a couple of top running shoes for flat feet that really allow you to be fully supported and will get you in shape without hurting your feet or back .

When choosing the best running shoes for your flat feet, it is important to be aware of your gait. If you can have a professional watch you while you run at a store or have a podiatrist fit you for an orthotic, these will offer the most custom support for your needs. The characteristics of good running shoes for flat feet are cushioning shoes, stability shoes, motion control shoes, barefoot shoes or minimalist shoes.

Cushioning shoes are for mild pronators, supinators or neutral runners and they are the most versatile style of shoe. Different brands and models have different amounts of cushioning, but these would be good for the average runner.

Stability shoes offer more support than their cushioning counterparts and this is for neutral runners with a mild to moderate over pronation. This will prevent slight roll inward and keep the feet supported with every step.

Motion control shoes are for runners with moderate to severe over pronation and will help to correct this roll inwards.

Barefoot shoes and minimalist shoes will offer little to no support and would not be ideal for running for someone with flat feet.

1. Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clog

Dansko Women s Professional Oiled Leather Clog Black

These shoes again come without laces which makes you able to sprinkle some water in that hair after you wake up 20 minutes later than you were supposed to and slip into some shoes appropriate for your job. This convenience is one of the many benefits of these sturdy and supportive shoes. Many nurses who stand on their feet all day swear by them to be the best nursing shoes for flat feet.

2. Keen Atlanta Cool Steel Toe

Keen Utility Men s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe Black

If you need a shoe that is going with you to a construction site or anywhere that you need a solid pair of grips, this is the shoe for you. An elastic lace keeps it quick to get tight, as well as a slip-resistant rubber outer sole. These will keep your feet supported and cool in warm weather.

1. ASICS GEL-Craze TR 2

ASICS Men s GEL-Craze TR 2 Cross-Training Shoe Dark Blue:Neon Orange:Navy

These shoes feature a rear foot GEL cushioning system that keep your form and foot supported and protected with any number of sports that you do. There is a SpEVA midsole that gives your mid-foot a little bit of spring but keeps it arched to prevent the flat foot problems you may be accustomed to.

2. New Balance MX623

New Balance Men s MX623 Cross-Training Shoe White

These are classic cross training shoes for flat feet with a good deal of cushioning and a supportive midsole. The rubber sole makes it ideal for any number of training activities you throw at it but will keep your feet from hurting afterwards. Many flat-footed gym-goers love wearing the New Balance MX623 as their best gym shoes for flat feet.

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