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Jul 31 2017

Call Centre Gamification Software For Recognition – Reward #call #center #agent #software

Call Centre Gamification

As the demands on your call centre increase, so does the requirement to have a fully engaged workforce that can rise to meet this challenge. Whether it’s answering the phone, replying to a customer email or communicating through social media, it’s essential that agents feel good about themselves and the work that they do.

Failure to keep your agents engaged has a huge impact on productivity and efficiency; leading to dissatisfaction, absenteeism and churn. Most importantly, these unhappy agents have little or no interest in the happiness of your customers and the resulting mediocre performance impacts directly on the customer experience.

When customer satisfaction drops, so does their loyalty to the brand as a whole; and all too often they simply walk away.

Build a strong, vibrant community through social recognition and interaction

Whenever agents attain badges, reach new levels, or win challenges, every accomplishment is updated via the Gamification real-time news feed, enabling agents to see how colleagues and team members are performing. This ability to interact with other agents and ‘like’ updates, reflects the modern trends influenced by social media, thereby creating a powerful culture of peer recognition that genuinely motivates and boosts performance.

Encourage healthy competition

Team Leaders and agents have the ability to easily create challenges between colleagues and teams. This healthy competition quickly leads to a call centre environment where best practice is shared and peer support occurs naturally. By unlocking the latent power of a competitive call centre, it not only stimulates agents but improves overall business performance.

Transform the way you reward your agents

Employs incentives that really work, by empowering your agents to choose how they are rewarded for outstanding performance. The points agents earn can be used to bid on a wide variety of prizes, while auctions can be set up in minutes. The result is the creation of a range of powerful and dynamic incentives with minimum effort and maximum results.

Communicate clear, real-time performance data

Agents better appreciate how their behaviours and call-handling skills are impacting customers when they are given direct real-time access to their own performance data. As a result, we have created intuitive departmental and team-level dashboards that deliver actionable insight. These help managers and team leaders to instantly identify the top and bottom performers, in order to help focus praise, feedback and coaching interventions.

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