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Jul 12 2017

Create A Website – Website Builder – How to create a website using our easy


What is a Website Builder?
Website builders are programs that allow the construction of websites without the need for manual code-editing. DIY website builders provide a fabulous platform for non-technical users as they are generally of a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) nature. Often, the user is able to design a website, without the help of a website designer, which can lead to huge savings.

There are several website builders on the market, with varying prices, features, support and capabilities. Here at Create A Website we believe we offer a user-friendly, easily accessible, feature-packed website builder, for a fabulous price. Not sure. then why not try us? You can enjoy a free 10 day trial today . so you have nothing to lose.

We re sure once you ve used our diy website builder, you ll never use a website designer again!

How do I create a website?
It s extremely easy to build your new website with the Create A Website easy DIY website builder

1 Website builder plan pricing – select the perfect one View our competitive range of website builder plans, and find the one that s right for you. Generally, our $29.95/month builder plan suits most of our customers. With so many features, it s short of nothing. For an e-commerce webstore (online shoping store) our $59.95./month plan should do you to start.

2 Create a website by signing up for your free trial . We offer a 10-day free trial, so during this time should you decide Create A Website is not for you, you can simply walk away

3 Design a website. Enjoy playing with our diy website builder to create your new website. From adding text to inserting images, from designing your own website banner to inserting your custom logo, and from setting up an e-commerce shopping cart to creating your personalised email accounts, you should find everything you need to design your new website.

4 Activate your website. When your site is complete, or your trial period is over (whichever is first), you can simply activate your site. This is done by clicking the big green activate button within your website builder control panel (editor)

Don t forget to add your domain name to your site. Don t have a domain name? No problems, simply register a domain name in our domain shop

Any issues? Feel free to send us an email at any time. helping is our middle name (well. not really, but you know what we mean)

Why should you use Create A Website Australia as your easy website builder
Creating a website or an e-commerce webstore has traditionally been expensive, and often beyond small businesses budgets. You could pay several thousand dollars for a new site, and would then have to pay the website designer each and every time you need changes made to your site. This is no longer the case.

Create A Website offers an affordable and effective solution. Create A Website s clients have access to our easy website builder and editor which you use to build a website, as well as maintain a website.

Website builder s can vary. However, our sitebuilder is a simple and all inclusive product. Website design knowledge is most definitely not needed and absolutely no previous experience or skills are necessary. This means practically anyone has the ability to create their own professional website as well as maintaining it when necessary. It is so easy in fact, that anyone with a basic knowledge of a product like Microsoft Word, would be capable of updating a site designed using the Create A Website Easy Website Builder.

Creating A Website is extremely easy using our easy website builder, as it s packed full of useful features:
* Unlimited pages for your website
* Huge amount of diskspace
* Free email accounts
* Website visitor stats report
* Marketing centre/search engine optimisation and submission support
* Image Manager – image gallery, image rotator etc
* Logo builder, header insertion
* Online form builder, guest book, polling booth
* Multi-level menus, auto menu builder
* Website builder pricing you can t resist!

and that is just some of the great features included in your diy website builder! You won t find better value for money anywhere else!

Create A Website – why choose us?
* Access to one of the most comprehensive and easiest diy website builders currently available
* SAVE MONEY – so setup fees, no design fees, no expensive upfront fees, websites only $29.95
* SAVE TIME – easy to use, no experience needed, no software, edit your website 24/7
* EASE OF MIND – pay by the month, no contracts, cancel at any time, established business (since 2006)
* No software required – edit your website from any internet connection in the world
* No experience or technical knowledge required – click add and click replace
* Growing customer recognition in the marketplace
* Extremely competitive pricing structure
* Ongoing client relationship a priority
* Superior unlimited customer support

Along with our online website builder, we also offer domain registration . upgrades and add-ones as well as a website design service – where we can design your site for you, and you simply maintain it

With Create A Website as your online provider, you can achieve a professional looking website, without the professional price tag

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