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Sep 18 2017

Criminal Defense Attorney – Spanish (Espanol) Speaking Lawyer in San Diego, Tijuana, Calexico, El Centro,


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Law Practice Emphasizing: complex Criminal Defense, Including Drug and Narcotic Transportation and Smuggling Cases, Money Laundering, Computer and Cyber Crime, Fraud, Pornography, Federal and State Conspiracy, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Heroin Defense, Grand Jury and Criminal Investigations, Alien Smuggling, Bank Robbery, Border Crimes, Bulk Cash Smuggling, Structuring, Sexual Assault, Rape, Homicide, and State and Federal Criminal Appeals.

This website is designed to give you all pertinent information regarding whether you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer, how to select a criminal attorney, and facts and news on some of the most important topics of criminal law.

The Law Office of Russell S. Babcock is located in San Diego, California; however, the firm s practice reaches far beyond the Southern California-Tijuana border community. The law firm routinely services all California federal and state courts including El Centro, Calexico-Mexicali, Fresno, and Chula Vista-San Ysidro, CA. Mr. Babcock has traveled to Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Russia and the Dominican Republic to help his clients. Mr. Babcock and his staff speak English and Spanish.

The criminal defense law firm serves both the English speaking and Hispanic community on all criminal matters, including both state and federal trials and appeals. Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality of personalized legal services at the most reasonable price.

Criminal Specialist, Russell Babcock, served as a Deputy District Attorney for more than six years, and now, has been in practice in San Diego exclusively in criminal defense for more than twenty-five years.

Please see the bottom of this page where you will find the answers to many of your questions pertaining to criminal law and defense, view important news and public announcements. and be able to read the thoughts of Certified Criminal Law Specialist Russell S. Babcock on controversial criminal law topics.

We hope you will visit frequently since new and original blogs and content are posted weekly. We appreciate any feedback you have regarding this web site.

  • Criminal Attorney of the Year.
  • -Not Guilty- on the largest seizure of cocaine on a boat in United States history
  • Not Guilty First Degree Murder And All Charges After Jury Trial
  • Certified Criminal Law Specialist with AVVO rating of 10.0.
  • Military, student, and senior discounts.
  • Author of The Blind Mule Novel and defender of blind mules.

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