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Jan 9 2018

Engineering Careers – Career Path Information, engineering careers.#Engineering #careers

Engineering Careers

Engineering careers

Engineering Careers Overview

Engineering careers span a large number of fields including electrical engineers, health and safety engineers and nuclear engineers. The duties of each one depend on the types of engineering jobs performed. Engineering jobs might include research, design, development and testing in the specific field to which the job belongs. For example, Electrical Engineers work with electrical equipment such as power generators and motors while a Health and Safety Engineer develops systems to prevent injury and illness.

Engineering Education

Careers in engineering typically require a bachelor s degree, but many employers also look for practical experience. This type of experience can be gained in school and count as part of the program you re enrolled in. Some types of engineering careers only require an associate s degree, however, such as Aerospace and Electrical Engineer technicians.

Engineering Job Market

The outlook for engineering careers varies depending on the field. Electrical Engineer jobs are only expected to increase by four percent by the year 2022 while Nuclear Engineer employment is anticipated to go up nine percent. The trends in the power generation fields are thought to be more lucrative, explaining the difference in projections. There are no statistics on the total number of engineer jobs as a whole, but the Electrical Engineering field is one of the highest for the number of jobs reported in 2012 at just over 306,000.

Engineering Salaries

Just as the fields in engineering differ, so do the salaries. However, as is the case in any job that requires a degree, the wages tend to be better than average in any of the engineering fields. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an engineer can expect to earn anywhere between $74,000 (Agricultural Engineers) to $130,280 (Petroleum Engineers).

Help Shape the Future with an Enginnering Career

Engineering careers

Engineering careers

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