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Jun 13 2017

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions to Empower Your Workforce

Businesses all over the world have discovered the value of PiiComm’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions . Regardless of your industry, when workers lack access to data networks, these lag times can reduce customer service, employee productivity and overall profitability.

Our Enterprise Asset Management provide your organization with a mobile service solution customized to your specific needs. Empower your workforce by improving the productivity of your field personnel, as well as other operations from sales and inventory management to production and accounting.

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About PiiComm

Optimize Your Enterprise Mobile Strategy

To help you reach your goals, PiiComm can optimize your enterprise mobile strategy. PiiComm offers you a wide-ranging set of mobile products and services to increase efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage. Our leading mobile strategy plans, designs and mobile applications will help your business achieve breakthrough business impact.

PiiComm’s team of mobile technology experts brings the latest advice and industry knowledge to organizations who are considering leveraging the benefits of mobile devices for internal and external business operations, or evolving the capabilities of existing infrastructures. Our leading global interactive agency plans, designs, and develops mobile applications to help you achieve breakthrough business impact.

When PiiComm optimizes your enterprise mobile strategy, your entire team will be connected and everyone, including your customers, will benefit from true connectivity and better productivity. An optimized mobile strategy gives your business seamless interaction between field workers, office staff and all back-office functions.

Enterprise Asset Management, RFID Solutions, Mobile Application Management

Enterprise Mobility solutions from PiiComm empower organizations in the field services, government, retail, manufacturing/warehousing, government agencies, transportation logistics, and healthcare markets who all need to collect, access and manage data in a mobile fashion. PiiComm designs and implements complete solutions that connect mobile computers, printers, and data collection devices, such as RFID readers and wireless barcode scanner kits, to enterprise information systems. The solutions feature hardware and software from leading vendors to optimize and streamline business processes that boost productivity, ensure data accuracy, lower operating costs, and enable reliable communications for on-the-go employees. PiiComm partners with best-in-class hardware manufacturers, offers unique services, mobile app development and cellular expertise which has allowed us to become a dominant player in this rapidly evolving technology sector.

PiiComm Enterprise Mobile Solutions has supplied customers with specialized rugged and commercial enterprise mobile computing devices to improve their businesses by helping them to become more efficient and access critical business information on demand. PiiComm’s Mobile Helpdesk delivers 24-7 support and provides Lifecycle Management, MMS and MDM services to ensure that the technology meets or exceeds customers’ ROI expectations with the timeframes they expect.

Perhaps it’s in our DNA. Our entire working philosophy is what works best for – the customer (that’s you), your customers (that’s them) and our employees (that’s us). We build profitable relationships between you and your customers. When you choose PiiComm Mobile Enterprise Solutions, you really do get more because we are a unique team of people who love what they do. When you run into a problem, we find a resolution fast. Whether it is a something simple like a barcode printer. or more complex like an RFID reader solution, we do our best to serve you. Something takes a bit extra time – we don’t nickel dime. You need innovation or just some plain old advice – PiiComm will talk to you about mobility solutions until you tell us to go away.

Canadian Business and PROFIT today ranked PiiComm No. 162 on the 26th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

Your experience with PiiComm will be different. Different, in the best way possible. You get more when you choose PiiComm’s Enterprise Mobile Solutions .

Try our Barcode Generator. A free tool offered by PiiComm which allows businesses and individuals to generate custom barcodes for free!

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