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Aug 24 2017

Healthcare, Long-Term Care, Nurse, Call Center and Staff Scheduling Software Made Easy – Manage Employee


Fill open shifts and schedule your workforce online and in real time.
Save time and money, be more efficient!

Announcing our new Mobile App for Android and iOS (iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch )!
Increase staff accessibility and communication.

Affordable, easy to use, online staff scheduling software.
Increase the quality of life for managers and staff!

See our new Credentialing module!
Store credentials and track with email and text alerts, better staffing at point of decision.

Save time, increase efficiency, and reduce overtime.
Improve your Staff Scheduling Now!

See a FREE Demo or call 888-744-3879 or call 888-744-3879

Join the companies using our scheduling

For staff

ShiftHound is easy to use and web-accessible from any device that has an internet connection (smartphone, tablet, computer) via any web browser or our Mobile App. Your Staff is always connected and can receive email, text and/or App (IOS and Android) notifications of updates, alerts, and decisions as they are made.

Staff can view and fill open shifts that exist throughout the facility, view schedules and changes and request swaps and PTO all online, in real-time. The collaborative approach of ShiftHound empowers employees to become a proactive part of the staffing solution.

Better communication, more autonomy of work options and web accessibility of schedule all drive a significant improvement in Staff satisfaction and create a better work environment.

For managers

ShiftHound enables Managers to control labor costs by proactively reducing overtime. reducing use of temporary labor and by avoiding over-staffing. At the same time, Managers will spend less time managing the schedule and more time focusing on higher impact responsibilities.

Managers will benefit from having data at the point of decision regarding, locations, shifts and schedules, employees, compliance, right-staffing, risk areas and budget/cost impacts of their decision.

ShiftHound’s strong communication module will keep staff informed of Managements decisions as they are made via text, email and Mobile App notifications. In addition, Manager’s have a Last Minute Availability module that assists in filling those most difficult short notice holes in the schedule.

For senior leadership

With implementation in days/weeks (not months/years), ShiftHound provides leadership with a quick and tangible Return on Investment. Employee retention and attention is increased by providing managers and staff the right tools to communicate and collaboratively increase efficiencies across the organization.

Leadership has visibility of key metrics (i.e. OT, churn, staffing ratios) trended over time and compared across divisions, facilities and/or departments. These views and reports are up-to-the-minute accurate.

By utilizing the latest web technologies, leadership can rest assured that they are investing in cutting-edge web software that is continually evolving and providing the best user experience possible.

We dramatically decreased labor costs by close to a million dollars within the first year of ShiftHound. We can better forecast shift needs proactively monitor avoidable overtime. It streamlines staffing, improves communication, contributes to greater efficiency and produces more time for patient care. Karen Graham, COO, Summit Medical Group

ShiftHound has been the greatest resource tool to assist with our scheduling and staffing. What used to take me hours each day managing the schedule now takes me minutes. ShiftHound is very user friendly and easy to learn. We went from online live to two hundred employees fully trained in one week. Sterling Bronson, Salt Lake Behavioral Health

Why Choose ShiftHound?

Easy to implement and use for managers and staff

Save money

Reduce overtime. over-staffing, and temporary labor costs. Managers know exact costs of staffing decisions as they schedule. Enterprise Wide – handles multiple Divisions, Facilities and/or Departments – employees can be shared (or not) across any or all, as required.

Save time

Easy Point and Click – online scheduling of any shift-based employees. Eliminate hours spent scheduling and calling employees on the phone – managers will have more time to MANAGE! Command Center – perform ALL scheduling tasks from one page with a few easy clicks (perfect for Tablet use).

Increase communication

Send scheduling changes and announcements, in real-time by e-mail and cell phone text message. Managers can see who is available to work for last minute needs and instantly communicate via email and/or cell phone text message.

Integration to Other HR Systems

Our powerful Integration Engine allows any Time & Attendance or HR system such as Kronos, Lawson, ADP, PeopleSoft, etc. to easily share data with ShiftHound.

Increase quality

Improve service/care coordination and decrease non-productive hours. Staffing Ratio Alerts – for over-scheduling and under-scheduling of staff.

Make your staff part of the solution

Let them help you collaboratively schedule themselves and fill open shifts, request PTO and swap shifts online.

Increase efficiency effective decision-making

Instant visibility of location, shifts schedules, employees, job types, risk areas, budget/cost impacts, and schedule by ratios or hours per patient day (HPPD). Handles multiple templates for scheduling automation and complex rotations.

Optimized for mobile devices

Whether managers or staff are using a cell phone. tablet. or computer, all ShiftHound screens have been made to work intelligently through responsive design to show the maximum amount of information in the most readable format possible.

Track your credentials

A fully integrated Credentialing Module that gives all concerned parties in the organization the ability to store and track credentials, licensure and related data such as credential types, expiration dates, notification times, and changes for all staff members.

Our innovative 100% web-based Scheduling Open Shift Management (OSM) product can help managers efficiently schedule their staff 24/7 (using 4, 8, 10, 12 or any length shift), create a template (even with with a rotation) or example model of a shift, and also lets the staff help managers fill an open shift online, see schedules and changes, request time-off, swap shifts, etc, etc. All schedules, changes, approvals, and alerts not only happen online in real-time, but also are sent out as emails and text messages to cell phones.

We can show you how we can save your organization money using ShiftHound, especially if you have any overtime issues, temporary labor costs, high employee turn-over, or for healthcare and nurse staffing if your managers schedule by Per Patient Day (HPPD or $PPD). Our new functionality that auto calculates the correct staffing based on defined ratios helps your managers make sure you are never under or over staffed.

Its as easy to use as Excel spreadsheets and ShiftHound can cut manager time wasted on scheduling tasks by as much as 80% and let them get back to MANAGING! Ask us how to get a free trial on the web and sample our product with no need to download software or examples or a sample, you can just start using it right away.

ShiftHound benefits

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