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Jan 31 2018

How to Kill Clover

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How to Kill Clover

C lover is one of the most commonly found weeds in North America, and many people are anxious to get rid of it. Clover will usually appear as a deeper green color than the rest of your yard, and it s also known to give your lawn an uneven look as it grows in patches that are different heights. Though it does come with some significant benefits, many lawn enthusiasts often complain about clover taking over their yard and overwhelming their grass, and many have questions about how to safely eliminate the weed. Fortunately for these folks, there are ways that will effectively remove clover from the yard and leave your lawn full of lush, green grass.

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The most effective means of eliminating clover is to use chemical or synthetic herbicides. Make sure you find a selective broad-leaf herbicide that will only target the clover and not damage your grass. Good choices contain the ingredients dicamba or MCPP, and more than one application may be necessary. Once the clover is gone, you ll probably find that you need to plant some grass seed in its place to fill the empty spots. It s also worth noting that many people have also praised the results of applying vinegar to get rid of the clover. While vinegar can be effective at eliminating the weed, it can also be harmful to the surrounding grass. Chemical herbicides really provide the best method for eliminating clover from your lawn.

Regular mowing at the proper height (2 to 3 inches) and regular fertilizing are also effective in eliminating clover. Taking care of your yard in this manner encourages good grass growth, and the grass can eventually take over the clover and choke it out. In areas where clover patches remain, pulling the weeds by hand will work to help the grass establish itself. Keeping your lawn healthy with mowing and fertilizer will help your grass establish strong roots and maintain solid growth, keeping the clover at bay.

In spite of its classification as a weed, clover does have several benefits that many people don t realize. Before deciding to completely eliminate clover from your yard, consider the positive things that it has to offer: clover provides healthy nitrogen to surrounding grass; clover flowers attract pollinators to your yard; and it s disease-resistant and drought-tolerant. It is possible for clover and grass to peacefully co-exist, and many people enjoy the lush green color of the clover leaves. In fact, many grass seed mixes actually contain clover seeds in the mix.

If, however, you do decide that you want to eliminate clover from your yard, the best approach is to take a combination of the two suggestions above. Keeping a healthy yard with regular mowing and fertilizing, along with using herbicides for stubborn patches, will give you the clover-free yard you re after.

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