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Nov 3 2017

How to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness: 14 Steps (with Pictures) #where #can #i #get #a


How to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Inform your self about breast cancer. Things to be informed of are the statistics, symptoms, and organizations that accept donations for breast cancer research. Without this information you won’t know any more about it than the people you are reaching out to and trying to give knowledge about the cause to. enter]]

Buy a Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon to put on the window of your car so you can show everyone who drives or walks behind you that you are a proud supporter of helping people with the growing problem of breast cancer. If you think that will be distracting to your driving than you can put one on the side of your vehicle.

Buy a “Save the Boobies” Tee and bracelet at www.savetheboobiescny.com to show you care about helping people with breast cancer. Also, try to buy them from an organization that donates part if not all of the money received by your purchase to breast cancer research.

Volunteer to start a Breast Cancer Research Walk in your area. Also, volunteer to participate in any existing Breast Cancer Research Walks in your area. By participating in these walks you are showing you care about the cause and are trying to help find a cure.

Contact an organization that accepts donations for Breast Cancer Research and talk to them about you having a benefit dinner to raise money and awareness for research. At the benefit, you should inform the visitors about breast cancer.

Bake cupcakes with the breast cancer awareness sign, and take them with you to school/college, work, or even just a family dinner. Another great place to take them would be your benefit dinner. Strawberry cupcakes are the best cupcakes for this cause because they are pink.

Encourage your friends and family to go to the doctor to get a breast check to rule out the possibility of having breast cancer. By asking them to do this they will know you care about their health and you are a true and proud supporter of helping find a cure for breast cancer.

Visit people that are in the hospital with breast cancer. It really cheers people up when people come and visit them. You can bring those people flowers, get well soon cards, or cupcakes, Although, even just a smile can make a patients day.

Ask your priest, minister, or rabbi to put the names of all of the people you know with breast cancer on the prayer list. Every little prayer helps families and friends of breast cancer patients get hope.

Pray to God for him to help you raise awareness of breast cancer. With the help of God, anything is possible.

Put up flyers at local places about where to get checked for breast cancer. You could also add a little bit of information about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Create a website giving information about where to get checked for breast cancer, how to donate money, and how they can be like you and raise awareness of breast cancer. Many people spend a lot of time on the internet so creating a website is a good way to spread awareness, especially to teenagers.

Create a Facebook page to help raise awareness of breast cancer. Millions of people have a Facebook account and are on their account often so Facebook is another great way to spread awareness.

Update your status on your Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace account with information about breast cancer and how others can help. It can be something as simple as “like if you’re against breast cancer” or as much as all of the symptoms of breast cancer.

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