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Jan 31 2018

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Welcome to Medallia
Experience Cloud ™

Welcome to Medallia Experience Cloud

What We Do

We turn customer feedback into great companies. We capture feedback everywhere your customers are, connect it to everything else you know about them, and deliver insights and action in real-time. This allows your employees to make smarter, more informed daily decisions so you can deliver better business results.

Medallia Digital

The most powerful digital voice of customer solution

Medallia Digital allows you to engage with users and collect meaningful feedback across your web, mobile web and in-app experiences. Drive results with a powerful self-service solution.

How does our software drive business impact?


We help companies connect with their customers. We capture their feedback from all channels, including social, online and mobile, and we help employees respond to that feedback in real-time.


We measure experience performance and use machine learning to discover insights that allow you to improve and innovate faster.


We create personalized dashboards and workflows for every employee, specific to their role and responsibilities, so that every decision they make is informed by the customer.

Medallia for Industries

Our software is used in many industries and across many departments. Each deployment is based on Medallia’s best practices of working with the leaders in the category.

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Invite customers to keep coming back.

For retailers, experience is the new brand. Medallia’s retail customers differentiate by focusing on the whole customer journey and transforming their retail locations and digital channels. Focusing on the customer experience helps retailers fix service and shipping issues, improve repeat visits, increase purchase conversions & share of wallet, and deliver a unified brand experience. That’s why Medallia is used by some of the most successful retail brands in the world.

Customer Experience — a retention strategy that pays dividends.

Our interactions with banks, insurance companies, and investment firms used to happen in person. Today, they happen online. Yet despite the shift to mobile and digital, customer experience is more important than ever. With Medallia, every interaction is an opportunity to make a one-time customer a lifetime promoter. That’s why the world’s leading financial institutions rely on Medallia.

Never checkout on customer experience.

Social feedback and the sharing economy have challenged how hospitality and travel companies compete. This competition is ultimately defined by the guest experience. Medallia’s software helps improve the guest experience by identifying ways to improve RevPAR, fix service issues, coach employees to improve performance, and ultimately deliver unique experiences. Medallia helps 8 of the world’s 10 largest hospitality brands with a single unified platform to manage guest satisfaction and social reputation.

Make the connection.

The telecommunications industry is one of the most competitive in the world. The cost of acquiring customers is high, and customers are fickle. Loyalty can no longer be bought. Telcos must earn it by differentiating on customer experience. Medallia partners with telcos on nearly every continent (we’re still working on Antarctica) to do just that.

Let key accounts know they’re partners.

Key accounts should be treated as partners — not transactions. Medallia helps B2B companies and relationship managers facilitate an ongoing dialogue across different users, influencers and decision makers so the organization can learn and improve. It’s a great way to prevent surprise churn and identify ways to grow partnerships. That’s why two of the world’s top accounting firms, multiple Fortune 50 industrial conglomerates, and many of the most recognizable software providers use Medallia.

Steer your customer experience in the right direction.

Buying a car has changed considerably over the past decade. Product quality between manufacturers has narrowed to the point where, by itself, it is rarely enough. To win and retain customers, auto dealers need to deliver an exceptionally strong experience — not just in product, but in sales and services, too. Medallia equips frontline dealer and service staff to do just that — which is why the world’s largest auto companies use Medallia.

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