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Jul 31 2017

Michigan auto accident lawyers #michigan #auto #lawyers

If you are looking for trusted, experienced Michigan Auto Accident Lawyers then you must consider Luxon Zang!

We Help Our Clients

If you are looking for trusted, experienced Michigan auto accident lawyers to handle your auto accident injury, you must consider Luxon Zang! At Luxon Zang, P.C. we help clients who have been seriously injured. Whether it’s an auto accident or other type of personal injury, you can trust Luxon Zang to get results for you. Our lawyers fight negligent parties and insurance companies every day to ensure fair compensation for our clients and their families.

We Get You What You Deserve!

Our 50+ years of experience mean you’ll get everything you deserve. Specializing in no fault insurance claims or, in the case of uninsured and underinsured claims our expertise will get the results you need you’ve been injured in an auto accident .

Who Does Luxon Zang Serve?

We’re located in Southfield and are experts in Michigan law. We serve clients in Southfield, Pontiac, and throughout Metro Detroit and Michigan.

You’ll Receive Our Personal Attention

You’ll receive our personal attention. You may hear more about large legal firms. That’s because these lawyers advertise for a living – then turn your case over to unknown attorneys for a quick referral fee. At Luxon Zang, P.C. we treat our clients like we treat our own family.

You Get Us!

From the day you contact us about your auto accident injury to the day your case concludes, you will work directly with the Luxon Zang attorney handling your case.

The Bottom Line.

At Luxon Zang we believe every client deserves the compassion and personal care only we offer. If you’ve been injured in a auto accident. truck accident or motorcycle accident. contact us today at 1-855-R-U-INJURED. You’ll quickly discover that with Luxon Zang, representing you is more than business. With our expert Michigan auto accident lawyers, it’s personal.
Contact Luxon Zang today. Get help TODAY!

Why Luxon Zang? Because we’re different!

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