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Sep 20 2017

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Panasonic – KX-TGD223N DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone System with Digital Answering System – Champagne Gold

Nice phone system Posted by: NanaSasser from: on I recently switched from AT T to Time Warner Cable (TWC) for phone service. Unfortunately, TWC neglected to tell me that I could only plug in ONE phone unless I paid another $40-50 to have a technician come out and “fix” the phone outlets. They couldn’t tell me whether the technician would need to do ALL the outlets or just one to make them TWC phone service friendly. I declined to have them come out and charge me more $$. I opted instead to purchase this phone system. I plugged the base station into the modem, and now I have phone service in 3 rooms in my house! Hooray! The phones are working great and the batteries last for several days before I have to recharge them. I’m happy with my purchase.

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Great phone system Posted by: Baltimore from: on This phone system was purchased for an older couple who needed a new phone. The large letters on the display are very easy to read. The phone is fairly easy to set up and the sound quality is clear and crisp. They have had the unit several months and are very happy with it. The aural notification system is especially helpful when screening calls.

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Beautiful looking phone Posted by: Asa1 from: on The set of three phones is a good value for anyone needing several phones. It is one of a few out there that features caller ID announce which is great so you don’t have to run and look at the caller ID. Another great feature offered is one that let’s you block up to 60 phone numbers, you know those robo calls we all get, when they call they get a busy signal, YEA! Did I mention it is a beautiful looking phone, the champagne color is the softest gold color that will complement any desk or night stand.

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Phones lose their charge too quickly Posted by: Rick from: on I replaced my old Panasonic phones with this set. These phones do not stay charged as long as the old ones when not being used. Other than that, this is a great phone for the price.

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Love the voice caller ID feature. Posted by: TXProofer from: Keller, TX on Love the fact I don’t have to get up to see who is calling with the voice caller ID feature. Have to laugh though, sometimes the pronunciation of names is a little off but I can still figure out who is calling. Had a simillar phone before so decided to buy this. LOVE IT.

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Very disappointed with this Panasonic phone Posted by: SusieQ from: on Always buy Panasonic phones. No more. While I am on the phone the person on the other end almost fades away to where I can hardly hear them. Happens on all the handsets.

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panasonic has always been one of my top choices Posted by: lbrinz from: Westland, MI on Panasonic products have been a staple in my household for years

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Easy To Use Posted by: Queen from: on This product is user friendly; instructions are easy to follow. The number pad is large for easy selection. The viewing window shows letter/numbers large enough; no squinting and the area is lighted. The multi-functions are icing on the cake, paging, conferencing, address book, redial, speaker phone, and much, much more. Panasonic is the leader in this industry!

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Great phone, answering device needs improvement. Posted by: tmh8881 from: Dawsonville, Georgia on The phone is great big buttons, big bright display, talking caller ID. The answering device on the other hand needs work. It is complicated to use and you can’t delete individual messages. It’s all or none. Who thought that was a good idea. These used to be my favorite phones and I still love the phone, but the answering device needs to be addressed, earlier Panasonic cordless phones had great answering devices.

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Call block best feature Posted by: Anon from: on Pros: call block alone makes this phone worth buying. Once you receive a call from an unwanted caller you can block future calls from them. When I bought it I thought 60 blocked callers would be enough, but it filled up fast. They seem to change their numbers so if old numbers are erased new ones can be blocked. If I were to buy another I would buy the higher model that lets you block more calls. The sound quality is good. Cons: Being a night person I like to turn the ringer off when I go to sleep. There is no switch for this. You need to go in through the menu and go to the correct settings each time. Pro and a con: Messages left on the answering machine are heard on all units. Pro, when screening calls you don’t need to be near the base unit. Con, even if the ringer is off it will wake you if a message is left.

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