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Nov 30 2017

Patient Transport

EMT Medical Services specialises in Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services for public and private healthcare facilities, rehabilitation facilities and aged care residential centres. EMT Medical Services prides itself on providing a professional, reliable and punctual service. EMT Medical Services is able to assist your organisation with professional transport services of patients for who require admission, discharge, medical appointments and inter-hospital medical transport requirements.

EMT Medical Services is committed to providing a professional, reliable and punctual service in government approved private ambulances that come equipped with patient monitoring equipment, the latest in biphasic defibrillators, full resuscitation equipment together with medical grade oxygen and suction equipment as required in the non-urgent patient transport standards.

EMT Medical Services employs highly experienced and qualified staff with the latest in Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) qualifications. EMT Medical Services operates a fleet of Mercedes Sprinter Ambulances that meet the needs of our customers while ensuring compliance with Queensland government legislation.

Utilising EMT Medical Services promotes improved bed flow management together with cost saving benefits.

EMT Medical Services is committed to patient care and safety and guarantees two qualified healthcare professionals will staff the ambulance at all times.

EMT Medical Services is the only Queensland Government accredited and endorsed private provider of patient transport services in Queensland with cross border transfers available in to New South Wales.

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