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Jun 17 2017

Portus – Museo Torlonia #pythian #group


The objects from Portus in the Museo Torlonia

The most complete catalogue of the objects that were until the 1960’s on display in the Museo Torlonia was compiled by Visconti in 1884. A critical review was written by Carlo Gasparri in 1980. In his publication the full list of Visconti can be found, with a bibliography of the objects. The objects from Portus are listed below.

Torso of Aphrodite

Torso, perhaps of Dionysos

0.35 x 0.54 x 0.55

Fragment of a funeral relief with vegetative decoration and animals

Capital with trophies and Victoriae

0.32 x 0.44 x 0.44

Trapezophoros (table support) with Egyptian deities (Isis and Bes)

Portrait of a woman

Portrait of a Greek philosopher or poet

Copy of the Leda of Timotheos

Statue of Asklepios

Copy of the Electra of the Ludovisi-group

Statue of a togatus with a head of Hortensius

From Portus or Laurentum

Portrait of Septimius Severus on an armoured statue (not belonging together)

Copy of the Aphrodite of Cnidus of Praxiteles

Statue of a woman with a head of Athena

Statue of Apollo with the lyre

Portrait of Faustina the Younger on a statue of a woman with cornucopiae

Portrait of Claudius on a statue of a togatus

Statue of Athena

Portrait of a man

Statue with a head of Pompeius

Statue with a head of Tiberius

Oval labrum (vessel of a bath)

Statue of an athlete

Portrait of Commodus

Statue of a naked man with a head of Alexander Severus

Statue of Artemis

Portrait of Marcus Aurelius

Statue of the Pythian Apollo

Statue of Hercules with his son Telefos

Head of a bearded man

Relief of a harbour scene

Relief of the harbour of Portus (the Torlonia-relief )

Relief with a ship

Statue of a sitting boy with a dove

Double herm of Zeus Ammon

Statue of an athlete

Statue of an athlete; the head is a copy of the Meleager of Skopas

Torso of an athlete

Votive relief for Vesta

Portrait of a woman

Portrait of Hadrianus

Portrait of a man on an armoured bust

Portrait of Caracalla

Portrait of a man (Aurelianus?)

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