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Jul 4 2018

World Federation of Exchanges

#wfe, #world #federation #of #exchanges, #oecd, #iosco, #ioma, #financial #stability #board, # # THAILAND Domestic market capitalisation of Stock Exchange of Thailand increased by 15% in 2016, driven primarily by energy and mining Stock Exchange of Thailand is hosting 57th WFE General Assembly & Annual Meeting in Bangkok, September 2017 SUGAR Over 4.6 billion commodities futures & options contracts were traded on WFE exchanges in 2016, with sugar being one of the key underlying commodities COPPER Growing demand for ETFs based on metals such as steel and copper drove trading volumes on WFE exchanges up by 15% in 2016 How …

Jan 11 2018

Bitcoin exchanges cratering under ramped-up cyber attacks – is crypto currency safe to hold, currency

Bitcoin exchanges cratering under ramped-up cyber attacks is crypto currency safe to hold? Tuesday, July 25, 2017 by Ethan Huff The mainstream media is reporting an uptick in cyber attacks against several major Bitcoin exchanges thatŠ’ have some in the cryptocurrency world reeling with concern. A flood of new Bitcoin investors into the market is already putting immense strain on the buying and selling process, which is only being exacerbated by distributed denial-of-service attacks, also known as DDoS, that are further crippling the overwhelmed exchanges by flooding them with information. According to reports, Bitfinex, the largest U.S. dollar-based Bitcoin exchange …

Jul 26 2017

Users Face Criminal Charges in Florida #florida #exchanges

# At least two men in Florida have been charged for moving large volumes of bitcoins via the popular person-to-person exchange LocalBitcoins.com. They were charged under state anti-money-laundering laws following an investigation by the US Secret Service, said reports. Security blogger Brian Krebs reported that Michell Abner Espinoza of Miami Beach was arrested after a sting in which an undercover agent engaged him in a fake transaction to convert $30,000 worth of cash into bitcoins. In addition, 29-year-old Pascal Reid was also arrested after meeting with an undercover agent to exchange $30,000 for bitcoins. The charges Both of the men …