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Nov 26 2017

Mail server SMTP email send – rate limit – for web hosting providers #email, #send,

# Mail server SMTP email send (rate) limit for popular web hosting providers Why do you need to know your web host’s SMTP email rate limit If you run a web site and you plan to send out mass emails (for example, a newsletter), it is advisable to send the emails using an authenticated SMTP mail server that matches the nameserver records for your own domain name. This way, your outgoing emails will not trigger anti-spam filters set to identify phishing emails or spammers. For example, if you run a web site at www.my-web-site.com, our advice is to send the …

Aug 29 2017

Send Bulk Emails Easily through our Mass email Service campaign, Best Mass Email Marketing Companies

# Mass Emails: Bulk Email Marketing Service Mass emailing became an essential component of modern bulk mail marketing strategies. Direct Express Marketers and list managers need fast, reliable and powerful mass email marketing solution. Express Marketer delivers to you perfect mass email service for permission based email marketing campaigns. Web based mass email sender Easy to use Send bulk email from anywhere No setup and hosting fees Proven technology for bulk email advertising Targeted email marketing. email advertising, email newsletter Mass Email Pricing Plan Regular Mass email Marketing Service Pricing Plan Monthly & Pay-As-You-Go plans required. Mass Email Resellers All-in-one …