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Aug 31 2017

Unitary or Federal Government? #unitary #government


Greece is overall a unitary government. A unitary government is when most of the power lies in one “centralized” body. Greece contains 13 “peripheries” or administrative regions. Greece operates under a “parliamentary republic.” A “parliamentary republic” is a republic that runs under parliament.
Greece has a president named Karolos Papoulis. The president is part of the executive branch just like here in the United States. The president only stays in office for 4 years. Also in the executive branch, is the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. The Chief of State also is located in the executive branch, where he represents the state in only important ceremonies not in common activities. The Head of Government is in control of everyday activities. The legislative branch is where the parliament does there work. There are 300 seats that must be filled in parliament. The last election for the legislative branch was held in 2012, and is planned to be held again in 2016. The judicial branch, contains 56 judges. Just like in the US, the judicial branch mostly does crime and other court house duties. Representatives are chosen every 4 years. Representatives are chosen in every branch through elections.

Greek lawmakers still base issues and handle them the way Ancient Greece did. Greece has a constitution that still contains some of the laws from the 4th and 5th century. Greece has an extremely low crime rate compared to other countries. Most of Greece’s crime is just pick-pocketing in large tourist attractions. Their drug crime rate is around 1.7%.

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