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Jun 21 2018


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Welcome to wristbands.co.za.

We supply a range of wristbands to suit your event requirements.
We have one goal in mind and that is to revolutionise the access control wristband by turning it into an advertising platform rather than just a boring wristband. While achieving this we make it even harder for people to copy our wristbands. We strive to protect your profits.

Valuable Branding space

So you got a great sponsor on board for your event, what better way to give them exposure. Put their full colour logo onto a wristband that will be worn by each and every patron.
Create a powerful promotional tool at your next event by adding some of these unique features to your wristbands:

  • Full colour graphics including photo’s, logo’s or text
  • QR Codes – Link to social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Bar codes, variable data barcodes mean you can link each wristband to a guest.
  • Advertising space for sponsors on your wristband!!

New ColourBand wristbands

Wristbands have long been used to control access to events. New technology is allowing people to counterfeit these wristbands very easily now. This is where we can assist, we now offer a new wristband called the ColourBand. The ColourBand is a lot more difficult to duplicate in comparison to other types of wristbands.

ColourBand wristband stock control

ColourBands are made of a specialised paper that has been treated to make them water proof and tear resistant. This specialised treatment allows them to be printed full colour with the right printing equipment. Our ColourBand stock material is controlled by us in South Africa to ensure it does not fall into counterfeiter s hands. We DO NOT SELL UNPRINTED ColourBands.

Standard ColourBand Security features

  • Tamper evident closures
  • Serial numbering
  • Full colour printing

Additional ColourBand security features

In addition to controlling this specialised wristband material we can also offer additional security features such as:

  • Hologram tamper evident non transferable decals applied to the wristbands. See www.holograms.co.za for more information.
  • De bossed or embossed hologram foils which is stamped into the wristband. Stamped hologram is known as an optically variable device. (OVD) This is often used in document security.
  • UV printing. A print that only shows up under UV lighting (Blacklight)
  • Patterned microprint on inside of the wristband. The fine printing makes it difficult to copy the pattern and recreate the wristband.
  • QR Code printing
  • Bar coded tamper proof labels can be attached. (Digital variable data)

Hologram wristbands

We have produced a number of unique hologram seals, these can be added to wristbands to make them very difficult.

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands are the most economical wristbands. The Tyvek material may look like paper but cannot be torn.

High security wristbands

We are able to offer wristbands that are virtually impossible to copy. These wristbands are not made in South Africa.

Explaining our Security Features

A barcode added to your wristband allows you to allocate each wristband to a specific person. Using a barcode reader you.

Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos make a great alternate form of access control as they are non transferable. These are also produced.

USB Wristbands

We can also offer USB wristbands. These are not designed for access control but rather as unique promotional items.

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